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Oral History


In this recording, Arnetta Sims is interviewed by Candice Fairchild and Kathy Cooke about growing up in Daphne, Alabama. Ms. Sims discusses the changes that she has seen in Daphne in her lifetime, particularly in terms of the scale of development, and the closeness of the community. She also relates some of the Black history of Daphne, including a history of Black landownership and entrepreneurialism in the area, and discusses what the town was like during Jim Crow segregation. Ms. Sims discusses her family history in the area, including her great-great-grandfather Wallie Valrie Sr., who was born enslaved on the Greenwood Plantation in 1832, and lived to be 116 years old. She shares a number of memories about her family, from harvesting sacks of crabs and flounder during jubilees to neighbors who used to visit with her aunt.

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